Our Lakes

Lake Kochelsee, Walchensee and many more

Only a short distance away and easy to reach are the lakes Kochelsee, Walchensee, Eichsee, Riegsee, and Staffelsee.

Cruising on Lake Kochelsee

Cruising on lake Kochelsee is a popular activity during the summertime for tourists and locals alike.

Enjoy the serenity of the lake with stunning views of the mountain panorama, while holding a nice cold beverage in your hands.

Depending on your preferences, you can either split your time, and hike along the lake for some part, and go back via boat, or you do a full round trip on the lake.


Lake Kochelsee

Lake Kochelsee is located within the two-lake-region, called “Zeei-Seen-Land”, at mountain Herzogstand.

It offers countless activities and leisure possibilities with a pristine and sublime mountain backdrop.

To list some of the activities:

  • swimming
  • sailing
  • boating
  • surfing
  • stand-up paddling
  • kayaking
  • diving
  • fishing
  • and many more

Lake Walchensee

Many myths exist about this lake, but it is best known today for its excellent fishing and wind surfing conditions.

With wind conditions ideal around noon on most days, it’s a popular spot in Bavaria for windsurfers from Munich and the region.


Other Lakes

Lake Eichsee offers an ideal place in the middle of a nature conservation reserve to relax and calm down, far away from any commercial noise.

The lake is easily accessible by bike from our hotel, and peculiar known for its bog water.

Lake Staffelsee and Riegsee closer to the little town Murnau are other popular lake destinations.